Friday, April 22, 2011

Oracle Application Framework - just Basics

Oracle Application Framework (OAF) facilitates consultants (both Technical and Functional) to cater to the daily requirements of their clients by enabling them to personalize, customize, extend and also develop new OAF pages and embed the same back into Oracle Applications. By using OA Framework a developer can:

  • create new OAF pages

  • personalize the pages

  • customize the existing (seeded) pages

  • extend the existing (seeded) pages

  • to meet variuos business needs.
    So what's the basic difference between personalization, customization, extension and development

    1. Personalization: With this you can alter or tailor the look and feel of pages e.g. you can change the label of a text box, you can hide or show a component based on the logged in user or at the responsibility level or at site level itself.

    2. Customization: Using this you can add the business logic to the already existing controller code e.g. suppose that you want to add one more validation at the click of some button.

    3. Extension: Extension means that you are using the already existing functionality and also adding some more of yours e.g. you want to add some more where conditions to a seeded View Object (VO) query.

    4. Development: Using development you can create new OAF pages and embed the same to Oracle Apps Instance to cater to the business needs of the clients.

    Now depending upon the layout, complexity and business needs an OAF page can be built up by one or many regions. Region is a part of a page which acts as a container for the items or components. By default the top most level of a page has to be of the type "pageLayout" region type. 

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