Tuesday, January 31, 2012

IOC container of the Spring 3 framework.

Spring IoC
In this section we will learn Spring IoC with the help of many articles and ready to test example code. In this section we are exploring IOC container of the Spring 3 framework. The IOC container is the main component of the Spring framework. It provides the main IoC container and AOP framework. The core container of the Spring Framework provides important functionality including dependency injection and bean lifecycle management.
The core container is responsible for providing  essential functionality to the Spring framework. The BeanFactory is the primary component of the core container. The BeanFactory is an implementation of the Factory pattern. The core container of the Spring Framework provides Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control (IOC) functionalities.
Modules of Core Container:
Following are the modules of the Spring Core Container:
  1. Beans
  2. Core
  3. Context
  4. Expression Language
The IoC or Inversion of Control is the core features of the Spring Framework. Developers uses the IoC container to manage the beans and its dependency in the application. Thus simplifies the implementation of business logic in the application. The IoC is very important and it's very necessary to fully understand.
What is IoC?
The Inversion of Control is the process by which application defines the dependency and these dependencies are then satisfied in runtime by the Spring Framework. The IoC is also known as Dependency Injection(DI).
I the application dependencies are satisfied through:
  1. Constructor Injection
    Here the IoC container injects the dependency through the constuctor.
  2. Setter Injection
    The setter injection is done through the setters (setter method).
  3. Interface Injection
    The spring does not provide direct Interface Injection functionality.
In this section we will be presenting the examples of Spring Core module.

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